Crítica de ‘Your Face Tomorrow’ (1)

I discovered YFT some time ago. I found it completely absorbing. The long winded sentences are hard to follow sometimes, but the way Marias portrays the dark side of human nature is fascinating. Good and evil are equally natural in human beings according to Marias, which is a very politically incorrect opinion these days.


yft  I UKJavier  Marías. Your Face Tomorrow (YFT)

This is the first instalment of a blog post that will extend in several parts over the next few days or weeks; I’ll continue with the second instalment over the weekend. I hope it will encourage you to take up this exciting trilogy and read it, if you haven’t already. I was given a copy many years ago of Marias’s novel  A Heart So White by an old friend of impeccable literary tastes, founder of the small publishing house Polar Books; I found it hard going. Recently, having read positive reviews of YFT, one of which referred to it as a ‘metaphysical epic’, I thought it time, as my summer break was imminent, to give him another go. Having finished vol. 1 I had to order the next two, and devoured them in two hectic, fevered, often painful but always exhilarating weeks of…

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