Basketball World Cup 2014 Spain round of 16

The quarterfinals are decided and we can draw some conclusions from the last two days.

The four teams which qualified from Group A have made it to the quarterfinals. No surprise, it was the most competitive group and this puts into perspective Spain’s performance so far. True, it has beaten three strong teams in an authoritative way. But we must bear in mind that their rivals were more concerned about their direct engagements than about beating Spain.
Serbia has shown its true potential and their clash with Brazil will be no doubt a stunning game.
Spain will face France for the fourth time in the last four years. It has become a classic and quite rightly so. France is a solid team despite the absence of Parker, Noah and De Colo.

The other side of the race to the final is more one-sided. Neither Slovenia nor Lithuania look strong enough to beat, or even scare, the USA. Turkey is content with having made it to the quarterfinals. Slovenia is not big enough, Lithuania lacks a strong man on the wheel.

So the only issue to be decided is who will face the US next Sunday.


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