Pablo Laso, always an outsider

Antoni Daimiel has written an excellent summary of Pabo Laso’s life as Real Madrid’s head coach.

I think the strange thing about Laso’s career with Real Madrid is his permanent perception as an outsider. He is not such thing at all, but it is not easy to think about Laso as a “permanent” coach for Real Madrid.
He has taken Real Madrid to its best three years since the early 90’s, and even so we all consider him a second class coach. I include myself in the lot.
It is true that he is not a tactically sophisticated coach, enough to see the way he is struggling this year with a roster that is more rounded than last year’s, but more complex to manage.
However Laso is mainly responsible for the new enthusiasm that surrounds Real Madrid basketball team right now. Just a small problem: a worrying lack of titles.

I would like to see Laso succeed this year. It would be by far the best outcome for Real Madrid. Xavi Pascual has been Barcelona’s coach for how many years? It feels forever. Real Madrid needs a strategy, and quite possibly to hire Chichi Creus as General Manager.


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