The next Spanish coach

imagesBALONCESTO 010 11

I have only two candidates for the job, and my favourite one is Aito

Joan Plaza is the flavour of the month and quite rightly so. But I think that both his plans and Unicaja’s point in a different direction. Because the key issue is: what should be the main priority of the new national coach?

It is not a matter of candidates, we have no shortage of good coaches: Plaza, Pascual, Aito, Laso…That is not the point, although abolishing the rule that bans ACB coaches in the national team is a must. The issue is that the job is quite a difficult one, much more difficult than in the past ten years.

The defeat against France in the World Cup last September was the end of an era, whatever the Spanish Federation may say or try to sell. Whoever takes on the job will have to build a new team structure, a brand new backbone. We must not forget that Spain will have to make it to the final in the next European Championship to qualify for the Olympics. And it is not guaranteed that some key players (Pau, Felipe, Navarro, Calde) will attend the tournament. In fact the new coach should build a post “juniors de oro” team. A team where leadership should naturally be held by Rudy, Llull, Ricky and Marc. A team which will not have superiority in the paint, unlike the last 7 years. A team which will usher in some new talent (Abrines, Hernangómez, Aguilar, possibly Pau Ribas) that has to be fully exploited.

The right man for that kind of job is Aito. And to those who object on the basis of age, please note down this name: Dusan Ivkovic.


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