Liga Endesa ACB 2015, the new generation

Willy Hernangómez is the best example of the new generation of Spanish players who will have to replace the golden juniors of 1999.

And there is a generation, or at least a handful of players who can fill in the gaps. We have guards (Alex Abrines), point guards (Guillem Vives) and forwards (Dani Díaz). And they are all getting quality time at the highest level with their teams.

The striking thing is that all of them come from big teams (Unicaja, Joventut, Real Madrid) with the exception of Barcelona and Estudiantes. These two seem to be going through a period of scarce talent, whereas Real Madrid is for the first time in years producing big, Liga Endesa level players.

Hernangómez is getting lots of minutes in Sevilla and he will probably play with Spain in the forthcoming Eurobasket. Pau, Felipe and maybe Ibaka will be absent for the tournament, Willy being the natural choice. Abrines will be with the national team, the issue is when he is going to become a decisive player both at Barcelona and at La Roja.


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