Sergio Scariolo, it’s no longer a Ferrari but a BMW


It seems that Sergio is going to get the job again. His was one of the best descriptions of the Spanish basketball team of the last decade: thank you for letting me drive this Ferrari.

Well, he will not have a Ferrari to drive this time, but Spain should still manage to produce a BMW. Let us not get lost in a discussion about the adequacy of Scariolo for the job. The chairman of the Spanish federation has failed again to attract new blood into the national team. Scariolo has not had a particularly sucessful period after he left the Spanish coach job. But apparently no one else is interested.

And the job now is quite different. For starters the first assigment is a big challenge. For the first time in years Spain has to qualify for a tournament, the 2016 Olympics. And the prospects are tough. We all know that Pau, Felipe and Navarro will not attend the next Eurobasket. But Calderón, Ricky and Ibaka are now unlikely to attend. Transitions are always hard to manage, but this is going to be a hell of a challenge. 75% of the centres, two thirds of the point guards and the legendary Navarro have all of the sudden disappeared. Scariolo has no choice but to try all the new options: Hernángomez, Abrines, Aguilar, Díaz, Ribas, Vives and Mirotic/Vázquez? And probably a few more just in case.

Let us hope Scariolo is doing his homework because it is already April.


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