Version control (Dexter Palmer) – A review


I found “Version control” disturbing reading, let me make that clear from the start.

This is a novel about a future that we can all recognise easily at this stage in our lives. It is a future where human interaction has been replaced partially, or to a large extent, by social networks. It is also a future where AI has reached a degree of granularity that has made humans not redundant, but sort of numbed, strangely passive.

I will not spoil the plot, only some comments about Palmer’s narrative style.

The story forks out in unexpected ways leaving the reader utterly confused, but that is in itself the beauty of the plot. It also gets quite heavy going at times, which is no surprise when one tries to deal with issues like physics, time travel, free will and the workings of autonomous cars in the near future.

There are also other themes inside the main plot: race, alcoholism, politics. But the individual, the person remains the main feature, and that is in my opinion what makes “Version control” great reading.


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